Offshore Canada Logistics Inc. is a full service 3PL & cold chain logistics solution provider and transportation company specializing in the transportation of perishable products across North America and from countries which include Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Israel and Spain to Canada through ports in The United States and Canada.

As multimodal transport company in Canada, we are dedicated to ensuring fast and seamless logistic services by creatively combining all modes of transport solutions. We are committed to meeting all logistics and supply chain needs with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, strong channels and active supply chains. Since our inception in this 3PL & cold chain logistics domain, our quest has been to ensure a smooth forwarding experience for all importers and exporters alike.

We can meet any domestic and international transportation requirements.

We employ a world class pool of qualified professionals who take impeccable care of the entire process, from packing to moving, and finally delivering goods and parcels to your desired destinations. We are committed to providing ultimate care of your goods, as they make their way to their final destination. All our professionals work hard round the clock to ensure deliveries of your goods are made on time! This commitment to timely deliveries has solidified the trust our customers have in our services and in turn has gained us a significant number of clients and customers across the globe. Our loyal client base hail from countries such as Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Israel, Spain, Morocco, Canada and United States.

In our core competencies, we include airfreight, air cargo charter services, sea freight, multimodal, intermodal and over the road trucking services. We are also specialized managing programs of fresh produce to major importers in Canada & United States as FOB- Port of Origin, CIF-Port of Discharge or DDP-Door Destination.

Our innovative tracking systems allow you to keep round the clock track of your products. Just call us or email us as we are only a phone call or click away!